Freight Track & Trace Service for the Port

Freight Track and Trace Service and Traceability for the Port Community System of one of the most important Ports in the Mediterranean zone in order to obtain follow-up information about shipping such as the current location of the cargo, transfers carried out, processed documents as well as to be able to integrate such information in their systems to offer it to their clients.

With the Track & Trace Service, the Port Community System offers follow-up information to its portal users about shipping and the current location of the cargo, transfers carried out or processed documents as well as to be able to integrate such information in its systems to offer it to clients.

Project´s Requirements:

Our client needed a horizontal service gathering both internal and external information. In this way, the Track & Trace Service gathers information of all Port Community System Services:

  • Cargo Bookings.
  • Boarding Instructions.
  • Ground Transport.
  • Anchoring and Mooring.
  • Notification of Hazardous Freight Goods.
  • Statements of Hazardous Freight Goods
  • Instructions to Terminals.
  • Oceanic Events (Tracking of Freight Goods and containers from any part of the world by means of shipping companies)

Innovation Strategies Performance:

  • Identification of functional and organization requirements of the Track & Trace Service.
  • Communication with Aggregators (INTTRA and GTNexus) and with Shipping Companies directly integrated with the PCS.
  • Integration of all vertical services of the PCS platform.
  • Prototypes of each and every system´s flow.
  • Service development (Server, Common and Client´s parts): Simplistic Search Engine, Extended Search Engine, Notifications, sending subscriptions, RSS, Favourites, Public Web Zone, etc.
  • Deployment Testing and Support.
  • Evolutionary and perfective maintenance of the Service, improving the system and adapting to new business requirements.


  • Access: Web, Electronic Delivery, Web Service.
  • Basic and Extended Search Engine (use of various simultaneous criteria).
  • Subscriptions: RSS, electronic mail.
  • Searches by container, Booking or B/L
  • Favourites. Store your searches to access them again by just clicking on your mouse.
  • Web Service Queries to access the same information as provided by the Track & Trace website by means of SOAP messages under https protocols.




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