Cargo Booking Service for the Leading Port of the Western Mediterranean

Maritime Cargo Booking Service for the Port Community System of one of the most important Ports in the Mediterranean zone, for vessel space booking for containerised freight goods exportation.

The Cargo Booking Service, developed for the largest ports in the Mediterranean zone by freight volume, enables clients to send cargo booking requests in an electronic message format and by the client´s application of the port. The booking service users save time and improve the accuracy of data.

Project´s Requirements:

Our client needed to have a service covering the entire message and communication electronic process for cargo booking:

  • Cargo Booking Request.
  • Confirmation of Cargo Booking.
  • Acceptance/Failure Management.

Innovation Strategies Performance:

  • Identification of functional and organization requirements of the Maritime Cargo Booking Service.
  • Communication with Aggregators (INTTRA and GTNexus)
  • Integration with other vertical and horizontal service of the PCS platform.
  • Prototypes of each and every system´s flow.
  • Service Development (Server, Common and Client´s parts).
  • Deployment Testing and Support.
  • Evolutionary and perfective maintenance of the Service, improving the system and adapting to new business requirements.


  • Integration with the main shipping companies in the world (over 28 shipping companies).
  • Increase of control over processed information and documentation.
  • Reduction of errors typical of the manual process.
  • Homogenisation of booking orders to all shipping companies.
  • Visibility of all bookings, including those carried out directly with the shipping company (INTTRA Shipping Companies)
  • Reuse of booking information of Boarding Instruction and Transport Notice.
  • Obtaining of track and trace information of freight goods.
  • Reduction of cost by process optimization.




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