Port Community System for the Melbourne Port (Australia)

Connect Freight Project: Pilot project for the demonstration of Port Community System services for the DoT (Transport Department of Victoria, Australia). Implemented project for the Port of Melbourne.

The development of the project focused on the improvement of efficiency and reduction of congestion as well as labour in the transport chain of the Port of Melbourne. It was analysed, developed and tested with real users and companies, a group of services and electronic tools to efficiently help the freight transport chain.

Project´s Requirements:

Together with the Leading Port in the Mediterranean Zone and EDS/HP, the Transport Department of Victoria (Australia) tender was won. The project´s requirements focused on the following services:

  • Management and Administration of PCS users
  • Business Directory
  • Management of Hazardous Cargo (Notifications and Consolidation)
  • Anchoring and Mooring
  • Project´s Web Portal
  • Tracking and tracing of Freight Goods and Containers

Innovation Strategies Performance:

  • Analysis Phase in Melbourne
  • PCS base development (horizontal services and base frameworks)
  • Development and communication system configuration
  • Integrations in the Port of Melbourne and with third-party systems
  • Development of the Administration Service
  • Development of the Anchoring and Mooring Service
  • Development of Freight Goods and Containers as well as tracking and tracing
  • Web Portal Development
  • Detailed documentation of the platform and training of different teams
  • Deployment Testing and Support
  • System Evolution and Improvement
  • Management of Communication with the client


  • Improvement of efficiency, management and reductions of errors in the transmission of documents.
  • Knowledge and development base for Smart Port ICT system development program, which is being developed at a national level.




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