Added Value Message Platform for the Leading Port in the Western Mediterranean

A.V.A.N.T.: Advanced Value Added Network for Transport: Multiserver Platform, multiservice, multiprotocol and multiformat as an intelligent and optimised message system for performance, for incoming and outgoing PCS messages (Port Community System) of the Leading Port in the Western Mediterranean.

Development, on Microsoft .NET, of a Message Broker Platform, which allows an open configuration of any hardware system regardless of the number of server and which allows management in a centralized way on just one database.

Project´s Requirements:

Our client needed to have a new delivery set for the Ground Transport Service, which incorporated improvements and new fields. At the same time it required a process where users could start to get integrated with the PCS with this new delivery set.

Through these transformations, users would be able to send and receive messages in the new version and in the different formats, and these would be correctly processed in the PCS nucleus.

Innovation Strategies Performance:

  • Support to a definition initial Phase.
  • Development of the initial Phase.
  • Development of the first communication servers: Folder Connector, FTP Server, SFTP Server, POP3 Connector, WebService Server, Email Relay Server.
  • Development of the first communication clients: Folder Client, FTP Client, SFTP Client, SMTP Client, etc.
  • Detailed documentation of the platform and training of different teams.
  • Development of communications with Shipping Companies Aggregators Platforms (INTTRA and GTNexus).
  • Development of Adaptors and Mappers.
  • Deployment Testing and Support.


  • Multiserver deployment.
  • Deployment of changes (assembly), real-time (no need to restart services).
  • Definition of types of exchanges (messages and documents) in Databases, not in codes.
  • Definition of transformation and adaptors among the different messages.
  • Mailbox blockade according to transmitters, receptors and exchange types.
  • High performance in detection of message types.
  • High performance in the level of access to Databases.




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