EMT integration with Google Transit

Integration, in record time, of a Municipal Transport Company with Google Transit. EMT users will be able to plan journeys, check routes and timetables through the public transport level of Google Maps.

The Municipal Transport Company in Tarragona is the public entity managing all the urban transport lines connecting the different neighbourhhods of Tarragona and the city with its influence areas.

Thanks to the fare integration, which started in 2008, the EMT and the rest of transport companies in the province of Tarragona have achieved great quality in the promotion and improvement of quality public transport..

Project´s Requirements:

Integration of EMT routes, stops, lines and timetables by means of Google Transit in order to facilitate users the use of Google Maps to plan their journeys.

Innovation Strategies Performance:

  • Analysis and mining of data related to EMT lines, stops and timetables.
  • Processing and subscription to Google Transit program.
  • Generation of required files by Google with real data from EMT.
  • Simulation of routes and location of stops on Google Maps.
  • Rectification of contents according to suggestions issued by Google.
  • Creation of a tool that facilitates automatic file generation required by Google Transit.
  • Intensive tests through Google Maps.
  • Verification of routes, stops, lines, timetables and correct routes.
  • Launching of integration with Google Transit.
  • Integration, in record time, between EMT and Google Transit.
  • Evolutionary and perfective maintenance of the Service, improving the system and adapting to new business requirements.

About Google Transit:

Rutas Caminando Rutas en Bus Rutas en Tren Rutas en Metro

Google Transit on Google Maps is a public transport planning tool combining the latest EMT data with the power of Google Maps. It is possible to integrate stops, routes, timetables, fares and information for journey planning in a fast and easy way for everybody. For EMT around the world, Google Maps is a cost-effective solution aimed at transport entities and is also a solution for experienced travelers.

Google Maps is available in 12 languages and is compatible with screen readers for people with visual disabilities. Google Transit, based on Google Maps, is available on a selection of mobile devices through Google Maps for mobile devices.

Public transport information is also available on Google Earth.



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