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Application status monitoring service

Digital Transformation Programme

Resolving performance and scalability issues

Agile estimation in the digital world

Cloud Migration and Performance

Operation of Critical Applications – Digital Application Management

Cloud Migration – Partial Refactor

Hotel Product Booking Engine

Business Intelligence

Growth Strategy via Integrations

Ecommerce Portal – Brand Image

Nonstop Migration

OTA Integrations

Mobile Website

End to End Action Plan

Multivendor Strategy and Due Diligence

Online Channel Strategy

Economic and Financial Forecast

Scanning Invoices



Commercial Offers Manager

Ecommerce Portal – Custom CMS

ECM Consultancy

APM Implementation

Management Strategy for Integrations

Agency Loyalty Programme

Amadeus Normalizer

Google Hotel Finder

Mobile Site

Invoices Download

Zero Down Time Architecture

BackOffice – ERP

Scanning Invoices

Push Systems to Channels Managers

Hospitality Booking BackOffice

SASS, Platform Management

Disney Product Sales

Ecommerce Portal – Partners Portal

Ecommerce B2B Portal

Ecommerce B2C Portal

Disengage Online Environments

Advanced Content Management

Booking Download Hub Integration

Multiportal Ecommerce System

Hotel Products System Integration

Electronic Single Window System