About to take the plunge?
Looking for a reliable and affordable partner?

After years of working closely with the IT departments of large companies, we are now in a great position to work with startup projects: good ideas that are seeing growth and, after having been launched, are about to hit the big time in terms of number of users, turnover and technology requirements.

Startups choose us when they need to:

  • Have a partner who understands the business requirements that need to be dealt with.
  • Anticipate the technological challenges involved.
  • Define the technological growth strategy.
  • Analyse options and find solutions when a technological crossroads is reached.
  • Incorporate highly-specialised personnel into their team for a limited time.
  • Carry out concept testing.
  • Adapt Internet applications offline.
  • Enter a production stage within a short period of time with very complex developments.

We are committed to ideas that will change the world

In a few selected cases each year, we perform free concept testing for clients to use when presenting to investors and Business Angels.
Write and excite us about your idea, we want to take the plunge with you!

We thrive on challenges.
We help companies define the fundamental aspects for their future success: performance, stability, availability and scalability.