This is the best part of our job, we enjoy finding simple solutions to complex problems by using the available technology at the moment when it is needed. At present we are using apps, tactile applications, ipads, iphones,social networks, android, also scanning and interpreting documents; let´s see what the day brings tomorrow and how we can use it for our clients to obtain competitive advantages. We always have two/three ongoing I+D project to experiment, learn from, connect…

We develop avant-garde innovative solutions that solve real business problems:

  • Online Sales Tactile Application for one of the major hotel chains (iphone, ipad, android, Windows Phone 7, etc…)
  • Integration platform and scanning of vouchers and receipts for an important international Tour Operator (more than 23,000 receipts are processed a month).
  • Intelligent payment card integration for an important turban transport metropolitan entity.
  • Electronic tickets platform for a “startup” in Colorado (USA).
  • Commercial solution based on iPad for the largest fruit and vegetable distributor on the Balearic Islands.
  • BI solution for an important international Tour Operator
  • Private Social Network for the first world scientific group researching stem cells derived from fat.

Advanced applications