What we do

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DataBase Services

Managing databases is one of our specialities.


Client demands

  • Migrating databases without shutdowns
  • Efficient scalability
  • Updating of applications without shutdowns
  • Storing/purging of historical data
  • Executing projects that are measured in milliseconds with critical response times
  • Geographical dispersal of data
  • Adding data dispersed geographically or between systems
  • Determining the way data is input into BI systems
  • Managing massive data
  • Post-disaster data recovery planning
  • Managing mass content loads
  • Replicating asynchronous data bases


Performance and Data Cache
Oracle Coherence
Oracle TimesTen
NOSQL Database

Data Integration
Oracle Active DataGuard
Oracle GoldenGate
Oracle Data Integrator
Oracle Streams
Oracle Enteprise Data Quality

Data Managed Services
Oracle DBA
Continuous Data Integration
Data Quality


Licenses and certifications