Application status monitoring service 0

Application status monitoring service

A Global eCommerce Portal relying on our continuous application monitoring service to periodically receive a report, action plan, and prioritisation of maintenance activities requiring both applications and...

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Digital Transformation Programme 0

Digital Transformation Programme

An Online  Operator with over 100M operations per day was acquired by an equity group which set goals for IT in a maximum term of 2 years. Innovation Strategies was contacted as a technology provider, but...

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Agile estimation in the digital world 0

Agile estimation in the digital world

Relevant strategic consultation requires our support to assess the viability and effort required for the building of digital applications and therefore creation of business cases for customers. At the moment...

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Cloud Migration and Performance 0

Cloud Migration and Performance

The main tour operator in the Middle East and Asia needed to be able to make its business escalate by 300% in less than a year, but the problem was that its IT system giving support to sales was not enough to...

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Cloud Migration – Partial Refactor 0

Cloud Migration – Partial Refactor

South Korea´s main tour operator and one of the main operators in the Far East needed to be able to scale up its applications by factor x5 within weeks. For that purpose we deployed our E2EP technology which...

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