Business Intelligence 0

Business Intelligence

Goal The client required an analytical system with drill-down capability to analyze all the economic and business indicators for decision-making and reporting. Tasks Designing information universes....

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Growth Strategy via Integrations 0

Growth Strategy via Integrations

Goal To support the technical and operational management approach for achieving the business goals within two years. Tasks Determining the current situation. Identifying the business strategy. Defining the...

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Ecommerce Portal – Brand Image 0

Ecommerce Portal – Brand Image

Goal The client needed to have a website that could convey its brand image and launch a sales model on request through this channel. Tasks Requirements analysis. Graphic, technical and functional solution...

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Nonstop Migration 0

Nonstop Migration

Goal To migrate enterprise database Oracle 10g – Oracle 11g Sparc – Linux without stops. Tasks Design of the migration plan. Real-time synchronisation of the source database to the target database...

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OTA Integrations 0

OTA Integrations

Goal To implement an integration layer for OTA Push and Pull model suppliers and to meet the performance criteria of the clients. Tasks Design of the technical solution and the OTA messaging interface....

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Mobile Website 0

Mobile Website

Goal To create a specific B2C portal, using Oracle UCM, adapted to mobile devices to provide a personalised user experience without requiring the creation of specific content for this website. Tasks...

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End to End Action Plan 0

End to End Action Plan

Goal Analysis to identify customer perceptible performance areas of improvement in of B2C channel in one of its selling travel portals. Development of the project focused on achieving measurable business...

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Multivendor Strategy and Due Diligence 0

Multivendor Strategy and Due Diligence

Goal To support the process of identifying and selecting suppliers for increased product availability through integration with other tourism product providers. Tasks Support for the definition of the business...

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Online Channel Strategy 0

Online Channel Strategy

Goal To develop the online channel strategy of the Strategic Plan of the retail division of a large tour group in collaboration with strategic consultancy AT Kearney. Tasks Definition of online channel...

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Economic and Financial Forecast 0

Economic and Financial Forecast

Goal To create the ability to estimate future sales and other occupancy variables and demand to support the yield managers. Tasks Defining the technical and functional solution. Integrating data from the PMS...

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