SASS, Platform Management 0

SASS, Platform Management

Goal To outsource the management services platform to support the entire online channel and the applications operation, maintenance and development. Tasks Process design and industrialization. Implementation...

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Disney Product Sales 0

Disney Product Sales

Goal One of the largest tour operators in Spain needed to integrate Disney into the Viajes Iberia and Vibo Viajes B2C portals. Tasks Disney integration with the API provided by the client. Implementation of...

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Ecommerce Portal – Partners Portal 0

Ecommerce Portal – Partners Portal

Goal To develop a partners portal for the deployment of a business strategy with the ability to carry out exclusive promotions for the channel. Tasks Functional and technical specification of the new partners...

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Ecommerce B2B Portal 0

Ecommerce B2B Portal

Goal To develop a B2B portal for travel agencies with a custom developed ECM solution, using Oracle. Tasks Functional and technical specification of the new B2B portal. FrontEnd and BackEnd implementation....

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Ecommerce B2C Portal 0

Ecommerce B2C Portal

Goal Development of B2C portal, with a custom developed ECM solution, using Oracle, for the client ecommerce portal. Tasks Functional and technical specification of the new portal B2C and identification...

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Disengage Online Environments 0

Disengage Online Environments

Goal Disengagement of the online sales system from the rest of the query-offloading central services to meet the needs of scalability and performance required by the online channel. Tasks Design of a query...

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Advanced Content Management 0

Advanced Content Management

Goal To acquire a crosscutting tool for managing all of the contents of own and third-party assessment. Automatic content rating and optimisation. Tasks Analysing and defining the solution to be implemented....

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Booking Download Hub Integration 0

Booking Download Hub Integration

Goal Development of a booking download system from all B2B portals managed automatically, reducing errors and updating the inventory time for a tourism company that helps its customers optimize profits from...

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Multiportal Ecommerce System 0

Multiportal Ecommerce System

Goal The client needed to have an online portal for its hotel, air and car products, where the user had the ability to manage the entire system without an IT intervention provider. Tasks Graphic design,...

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Work with us: .NET Programmer

Senior Java or .NET programmers wanted with at least 2 years of work experience, and Training Associates Degree as a minimum qualification. What would you do ? Integrarte an agile development team using the...

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